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Trigger Point Therapy

Q. What is Trigger point?

A:- A trigger point is a small muscle contraction(knot )which can be felt a small nodule, pushing on the nodule is very painful. Trigger point can exist each muscle of the body, multiple can exist at the same time of the both sides of the body.

Q. How can the trigger point affect the function of the muscle?

A:- Trigger point activity can affect the functioning of a muscle in three important ways .

  • It makes it impossible for the entire muscle to completely relax.
  • It weakens the muscle’s overall contractile force.
  • It reduces the muscle’s range of motion.

Q. How can the trigger point affect the function of the muscle?

  • Muscles are sensitive to pressure.
  • Stiff and tight feeling.
  • Headache.
  • Dull,aching or burning pain in muscle.
  • Pain going down the arm or leg.
  • Numbness or tingling sensation.
  • Muscle weakens (feeling tired or sleepy whole day).
  • Unpredictable. Erratic symptoms.
  • Heat eases the pain.
  • Morning stiffness (when you wake up in the morning don’t feel fresh,feeling sleepy).
  • Muscle cramp.
  • Impaired sleep(not able to sleep continuously more than 6 hour).

If you checked many of these, you should consult with our Myofascial trigger point Specialist. The longer you wait for the treatment the longer the recovery will takes. Trigger point will not release without proper treatment and guideline. In trigger point treatment it may takes several weeks to months to return the muscle fiber in normal state and fully released.